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Expats living in UAE have to struggle a lot with their relocation after some time. If you are a foreigner working in UAE, you know the pain of shifting your home, apartment, or villa every year. Unfortunately, there is no extension in the rental period, so you have to relocate by any means. KMRelocation is the best moving company in UAE to help you with the hassle.

KM Relocation - Best Moving Company in UAE

KM Relocation is one of the prestigious packing and moving companies operating in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. We have been working in the industry for a long time and providing the best services to people in need.

By understanding what you need for the services every year on a commercial and residential scale, we have designed our services. Whether you are looking for a commercial moving company in UAE or a residential moving company in UAE, we are the right place. It is like a one-stop shop for getting all the services and rest.

KM Relocation Moving Company Has to Offer 

Being the pioneers of moving and packing services in UAE, we offer you complete coverage on two significant sections, commercial and residential movements. Explore what we offer in specific:

Commercial Moving Company in UAE

Whenever businesses change their locations from offices to stores and open a new branch, the only Commercial moving company  they consider is KM Relocation. We provide the best and most promising services to the commercial institutions that need to shift their stuff. Our service criteria for commercial clients make us different from others and bring the ultimate variation to them.

We serve you as no one can ever do:

Planning and Permissions

Our team makes sure to plan out the packing and moving along with taking permissions. We know it is impossible to move the stuff from and to a commercial location without proper approvals. So, we take responsibility and smooth out the procedures for you.

Packing and Record-Keeping 

Before moving the stuff from your commercial location to another site, we do a complete packing and record keeping course. It is an extensive procedure, but we pay attention to it—the staff note down everything from a pen to the cabinet, file to the printer, and even every installation. While listing out the stuff, we pack it in a safe moving packaging and then begin transfers.

Replacement and Installations 

After moving the stuff to the new place, we do not leave you alone. Our experts make sure to replace the things in the appropriate position and designated spaces. Moreover, the installation services accompanied by the moving services make it possible for you to settle the workspace in no time.

Specialized Residential Moving Services

KM relocation is the best Residential moving company in UAE that offers you specialized services. We understand your pain of moving your stuff from one place to another. Many ex-pats in the UAE hesitate to invest in their fixtures and furniture because they have to shift it from one place to another every year.

The process is tiring and risky at the same time. We offer you the best support and make sure to transfer your stuff safely.

In our Moving Services in UAE, We Provide:

  • Complete care of furniture and fixtures while moving
  • Pack everything carefully and tag it to ensure proper handling
  • Movement plans to avoid any inconvenience in the procedure
  • Fixing and installation services at the destination
  • Complete tracking system to keep regular updates on movements

You can be at your work or doing other chores while our team is packing and moving your stuff from the old location to a new destination. Now, upgrading your residential space or getting a cheaper rental is less hectic.

Why KM Relocation? 

Why would you invest with us when you have several other relocation services available? Every Commercial Moving Company in UAE offers you transfers, but KM Relocation has many value-added features in the services.

We are not only moving our stuff but giving you Complete Security.

  • Covered Vehicles - our vehicles are all covered and weatherproof, so your stuff is safe in every weather condition.
  • Vaccinated for Safety - our team is all vaccinated, so there is no chance of spreading out viral.
  • Timely Completion: KM Relocation does not believe in delaying the projects. We complete the processes right in time.
  • Services Include Packaging - every commercial or residential service includes packaging material in total cost.
  • Professional Handling - from our packer to movers, everyone is professionally trained to handle the stuff and deliver it safely to the destination.

Get Services from the Ultimate Residential Moving Company in UAE! 

KMRelocation is a one-stop solution for your yearly residential relocation. Give us a call now to book a Relocation Service.

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